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"A SIAM student chapter resides at one or more colleges or universities, and ideally involves students and faculty members from different departments. The purpose of a chapter is to generate interest in applied mathematics and computational science by providing students opportunities to:

SIAM encourages interdisciplinary participation by students from many departments on campus. Chapters include students from departments including math, applied math, mathematical sciences, statistics, computer science, engineering, economics, physics, and other sciences. The activities of student chapters can include lunch discussions about career opportunities in applied math and computational science, lectures given by guest speakers, team projects such as undergraduate competitions, social functions, and field trips to industrial laboratories or SIAM section meetings." taken from http://www.siam.org/students/chapters/

The majority of student chapters are located in North America although they are now starting to spread globally. The Section would like to encourage universties in the UK and Republic of Ireland to set-up their own student chapters. On this page we document the student chapters that exist in our area and also provide a list of speakers that the chapters may want to call upon to give suitable talks.

Student Chapters in UK and Republic of Ireland

Student Chapters: speakers list

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