Monday 13th July

On the move by about 6.50 am. Several locks, then a stop for water at 8.05. While refilling, much showering, hair-washing, etc. It was a long time since the last refill, so we didn‘t finish filling the tank till just before 9 o‘clock. We continued on through the next lock while Alan and June went off to nearby Sainsbury‘s.

During the morning, we went through a series of widely spaced locks -- quite hard work, because it was always a long walk between locks, but not so long that it was worth getting back on the boat. Alternating bright sun and heavy showers. Lunch at Berkhampstead The Boat. Very pleasant pub, overlooking the canal.

Locking Up

Still quite a slog through the locks during the afternoon -- then relief as we arrived at the Tring summit level. Through a deep cutting with deeply wooded slopes either side. Very picturesque. Then a comparatively easy downward flight of locks to Marsworth, paired with a boat we met in the second lock down. Above one of the locks, a large grey tabby cat strolled past -- and then accelerated to top speed as Maddie galvanised into action at Alan's prompting.

Pre-supper drinks at the Red Lion at Marsworth. Very comfortable little snuggery up a couple of steps around the side of the bar. We occupied two sofas -- deep enough to sink into. Alan referred to a warm glow that comes after heavy exercise -- quite accurate -- very pleasant sensation as muscles relax. Apparently we've done 30 locks today. Fine pasta with pine kernels for supper.

Finished Dr Thorne today. On to Persuasion.