A Note on Navigating these Pages

Just wanted to mention that most of the pages work using a series of buttons in the left-hand margin, whose function is fairly obvious.

There are a couple of exceptions. Clicking on the "Map" or the "Index" button will (or should!) open the map or the index in a separate window, leaving the original page still on the screen. This is because you may want to have either of these two pages on the screen at the same time as the pages describing particular days.

This also solves a minor problem which arose because the map and the index can both be accessed from any diary page. Therefore the "Previous" button wouldn't work, as the computer wouldn't know where to return to. But now with the old page still on screen, you can just close the map or index window and the page you came from will still be there.

Now I've done some more tinkering, you can click on different parts of the map to get to the appropriate pages of the diary (except the last couple of days, where we were retracing our steps -- if you can do that in a boat).

Sorry if all this is obvious, but then it's only a footnote, you didn't have to read it!