John Reid - Biography

1947-1956. Berkhamsted School.

1956-1958. National Service in Royal Air Force. Plt. Off. (Tech.), specializing in ground radar.

1958-1961. B.A. in mathematics, Oxford University. First class honours.

1961-1964. D.Phil. in numerical analysis, Oxford University. Thesis: "Computational problems in linear algebra".

1964-1969. University of Sussex. Mathematics lecturer, promoted to reader in 1968. Established numerical analysis course at new university and established subroutine library on computer.

1969-1990. Harwell Laboratory. Member of numerical analysis group and its leader from 1975 to 1986. The Group was responsible for providing a library of subroutines for scientific computing, running courses on numerical analysis, offering an advisory service on numerical methods, and conducting research in mathematical computing. Have contributed in all these fields with special emphasis on sparse matrix work. Appointed as Principal Scientific Officer and promoted to Band in 1974 and Senior in 1986. Both were special-merit promotions for research work.

1990-1998. Atlas Centre, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. Transferred at the same grade (now called Band 1) with three other members the Numerical Analysis Group to continue the work of the Group and provide support for the users of the supercomputer centre.

1998-present. Self-employed, having reached normal retirement age. Working as a part-time consultant at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory to provide software and support for the Harwell Subroutine Library and maintaining an office there. Available for the provision of courses on Fortran 95 and for consultation on sparse matrices and on Fortran.

Special activities

1978-present. Associate editor of ACM Trans. Math. Software.

1981-1999. Associate editor of IMA J. Numerical Analysis.

Mar-May 1974. Visiting professor at Technical University of Denmark.

1974-1999. Member of IFIP Working Group 2.5 on mathematical software. Secretary 1979-1983 and Chairman 1983-1987. Awarded IFIP Silver Core, 1986.

1983-1991. Member of ANSI Fortran Committee X3J3. Secretary 1987-1990.

1991-present. Active member of ISO Fortran Committee ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG5. Convener 1999-present.

1991-present. Visiting professor at RMCS Shrivenham.

Sept-Oct 1998. Visiting professor at Technical University of Denmark.

Current research interests

For many years, I have been involved in writing Fortran software for HSL.