SIAM J. Opt. editors and administration

Associate editors

Anitescu, Mihai mail www Nonlinear Programming, Complementarity, Mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints, Finite-dimensional variational inequalities Applications, Stochastic programming
Bauschke, Heinz mail www Convex Optimization, Monotone Operator Theory, Projection Methods, Applications
Biegler, Larry mail www Optimization methods for process design, Control
Combettes, Patrick mail www Projection methods, Subgradient methods, Operator-splitting methods
Cook, Bill mail www Integer programming, Combinatorial optimization
Cucker, Felipe mail www Complexity, Conditioning
de Klerk, Etienne mail www Semidefinite and Cone programming, Approximation Algorithms for Combinatorial and Global Optimization, Interior Point Algorithms.
Dentcheva, Darinka mail www Stochastic optimization
Eisenbrand, Fritz mail www Polyhedral combinatorics, Integer programming
Ferris, Michael mail www Modeling and applications of operations research, Complementarity problems, Problem solving environments
Friedlander, Michael mail www Nonlinear programming, Quadrtic programming, Compressed Sensing
Fukushima, Masao mail www Nonlinear programming, Variational inequalities, Complementarity problems, Nonsmooth Optimization
Gould, Nick mail www Large-scale nonconvex, nonlinear optimization, Quadratic programming, Software
Henrion, Rene mail www Stochastic Optimization, Nonsmooth Optimization, Parametric and semi-infinite Optimization
Klatte, Diethard mail www Parametric optimization and sensitivity analysis, Nonlinear optimization and complementarity problems, Set-valued and variational analysis, Error bounds in convex optimization
Kocvara, Michal mail www Structural Optimization, Nonlinear programming, Semidefinite Programming, Mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints,
Lasserre, Jean mail www Control theory, Semidefinite programming, Polynomial optimization, Convex analysis
Laurent, Monique mail www Combinatorial optimization, Semidefinite programming, Integer programming
Mordukhovich, Boris mail www Nonsmooth, nonlinear and Variational Analysis, Control theory and calculus of variations, Semi-infinite programming, Multiobjective/vector optimization, Sensitivity, Stability, Parametric optimization
Ng, Kung Fu mail www Functional analysis, Variational analysis, Convex analysis
Nocedal, Jorge mail www Nonlinear optimization algorithms, Optimization in chip design, Equilibrium problems and applications, PDE-constrained optimization problems, Software
Norkin, Vladimir mail www Stochastic optimization, Global optimization, Nonsmooth optimization
Outrata, Jiri mail www Convex and non-smooth optimization, Optimal control
Overton, Michael mail www Eigenvalue optimization, Semidefinite Programming, Minimizing Sums of Norms, Nonsmooth optimization, Nonlinear optimization
Pang, Jong-Shi mail www Complementarity Problems
Pena, Javier mail www Condition numbers, Interior-point methods, Polynomial optimization
Rendl, Franz mail www Combinatorial optimization, Semidefinite programming and applications
Ruszczynski, Andrzej mail www Stochastic programming, Financial optimization
Scheinberg, Katya mail www Nonlinear optimization, Derivative-free optimization
Sendov, Hristo mail www Eigenvalue/singularvalue optimization, Matrix analysis, Optimization over manifolds, Self-concordant barriers, Polynomial optimization, Portfolio optimization, Probabilistic techniques
Solodov, Mikhail mail www Variational problems Complementarity problems, Nonlinear programming, Bundle, decomposition and inexact proximal-point-related methods, Parallel optimization algorithms, Machine learning, Newton-like methods, Optimality conditions
Toh, Kim-Chuan mail www Semi-definite programming, linear systems
Tuncel, Levent mail www Linear optimization over convex cones, interior-point algorithms
Ulbrich, Stefan mail www Nonlinear optimization, Optimal control of partial differential equations
Vicente, Luis mail www Nonlinear optimization, PDE-constrained optimization, Derivative-free optimization
Wächter, Andreas mail www Nonlinear optimization, Mixed-integer nonlinear programming
Wolkowicz, Henry mail www Semi-definite programming, Combinatorial problems, Nonlinear optimization
Wright, Margaret mail www Nonlinear optimization, Interior-point methods, Derivative-free optimization
Wright, Steve mail www Nonlinear optimization, Interior-point methods, Compressed sensing
Yuan, Ya-xiang mail www Continuous optimization, trust-region methods
Zalinescu, Constantin mail www Quasi-convex analysis and programming Projection methods, Vector optimization
Zhang, Shuzhong mail www Semi-definite programming, Convex optimization, Stochastic optimization

Administration and other duties

Chernoff, Mitch mail Publications Manager
Crowley, James mail Executive Director
Donovan, Heather mail Publications assistant
Fauth, Brian mail Editorial associate
Brenner, Susanne mail Vice President for publications
Muccie, Mary-Rose mail Journals publisher