LANCELOT book cover

LANCELOT is a standard fortran 77 package for solving large-scale nonlinearly constrained optimization problems. The areas covered by Release A of the package are:
  • unconstrained optimization problems,
  • constrained optimization problems,
  • the solution of systems of nonlinear equations,
  • nonlinear least-squares problems.

LANCELOT is written is standard ANSI Fortran 77. Single and double precision versions are available. Machine dependencies are carefully isolated and easily adaptable. Complete documentation is provided in a published manual, while on-line documentation of the user-supplied specification file and the standard input format is now available. Check the LANCELOT news page for recent and impending developments.

How to obtain LANCELOT LANCELOT is available at no cost, provided that simple conditions-of-use are obeyed. A potential user must read and accept these before downloading the software.

The package is available as a gzipped tar file. Further details are available.

Platforms There are standard installation scripts for the following platforms:
  • CRAY Unicos
  • DEC OSF1
  • DEC Ultrix
  • HP HP-UX
  • IBM DOS (Salford and Waterloo Fortran)
  • Silicon Graphics IRIX
  • Sun SunOS and Solaris

Test examples There is a large collection of test examples in the CUTE test set.